Imagine if you will, that you are fighting a war. The enemy has amassed its army at the border and is threatening to attack. Your commander issues an order to ignore the massing threat. “We have the mightiest army in the world, they would not dare attack.”

But attack they did, and the casualties were high. In the field, the armies were waiting for a strategy, a command from the leadership on how to proceed.

Once again, Central Command stood fast. Maintain the status quo was the directive. The enemy is weak, they have no power. “Let the field commanders determine what is best. They are closer to the fighting. They should do whatever seems appropriate for their situation.”

In the field there was confusion. Some armies want to attack. Others wish to retreat. Still, others choose to dig in and hold the line. It seems that every Captain, every Lieutenant, every low-level officer had their own strategy for winning the war.

Casualties continue to mount, but Central Command declares, “In a battle this large we should expect some casualties.” In their own defense, Central Command promoted the effectiveness of their strategy. “With every army doing different things we will quickly find out which strategy is most effective.”

Battles were won, battles were lost. No one was positive how the war was going. The troops on the front lines are assured that the battle is being monitored. There is no need for concern and reinforcements are on their way. If we continue to hold the line, no enemy can defeat us.

The conflict evolves into a battle of attrition. “Despite the number of casualties, our army is larger. We will outlast the attack and will soon celebrate a total victory.”

Unfortunately, the victory celebration will be a lonely affair. Limited to the last man standing. I hope he enjoys himself.

J. Salvatore Domino enjoys creating his own players and stories. His characters, often mirror real life. His stories run the gamut from cozy to dark.